Youngsters at Vallabh Niketan Ashram hone their English speaking skills

Team SSM Bengaluru has been associated with the Vallabh Niketan Ashram over the past 75 months, supporting the nutritional requirements of the residents sheltered here by offering monthly dry rations, weekly annadaanam seva, and milk on a daily basis. Academic support classes, games, and  informal exchanges with the youngsters have also enriched the weekly breakfast sessions.

In January 2023, the team members received a request for Spoken English classes. The course content was created in collaboration with the Satsang Skill Development  Centre (SSDC), Madanapalle. The first session was launched on Saturday, 4th February 2023 for 26 youngsters. The volunteers used ice-breaker activities to assess their learning needs and gain their acceptance. 

Subsequently, the cultural lore Bengaluru and Karnataka was introduced to enhance reading, listening, and comprehension skills. Occasionally, the use of Kannada, the regional language, helped the participants grasp the nuances of the context. Stories from the Panchatantra inspired all the participants to perform skits with great enthusiasm while creative assignments for the younger participants revealed their talent for innovative ideas. 

Effective communication skills such as speaking in turn and seeking permission to speak were inculcated to yield better learning outcomes. Interview skills for the seniors and role plays for all participants helped hone their speaking, listening, and observational skills.

With the end of the first session in April, improvements were made to the learning paradigm to ensure sustained participation and holistic learning during the new session scheduled for 10th June 2023.

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