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Warm Blankets Dispatched to Quake-hit Turkey

Their homes reduced to rubble, many of their loved ones dead, and the chill of winter seeping into their bones, the quake-hit children, women, and men of Turkey are going through incredible pain and suffering.  On the 13th of February, 2023 Team SSM Delhi-NCR sent 400 warm blankets through the Turkish Embassy as an expression of their solidarity and support. Blessings and prayers for the alleviation of their suffering were offered before the blankets were handed over. To join hands with Team SSM Delhi-NCR , please write to us at .

Annadaanam Seva Offered to City Makers at Jawahar Shramik Sthal, Yamuna Pushta

On the 11th of February, Team SSM Delhi-NCR joined hands with the Center for Holistic Development (CHD) to offer annadaanam seva to over 1500 city makers at the Jawahar Shramik Sthal, Yamuna Pushta.  Sri M, founder of The Satsang Foundation, graced the occasion and spoke of the importance of service to mankind. After inspecting the new shelter home Sri M recommended the installation of desert coolers during summer. He also supported the launch of several skilling and livelihood initiatives at the home.  Mr. Sunil Kumar Aledia, founder of CHD, spoke of the various initiatives aimed at including the marginalized city makers into the mainstream and helping them live a life of dignity. The SSM volunteers then lovingly served a nutritious meal of rice, lentils, potato and cauliflower curry, chilli pickle, semolina halwa , and ginger chai to the city makers in batches till 3 p.m.  A youngster expressed joy at having partaken of a full meal while a lady shramik offered her blessings to the

Academic Support and Counseling Offered to Youngsters at Angel’s Nest Orphanage, Mumbai

In continuation of their commitment to the youngsters at Angel's Nest Orphanage, members of Team SSM Mumbai organized academic support classes and counseling sessions for them. On 4th February, 2023 about 18 young girls received academic support in preparation for their final exams followed by the conceptualization of the Hindi and Marathi alphabet. A basic grammar lesson spanning English, Hindi, and Marathi was also illustrated with examples. Support in Accountancy, Economics, Finance, and Book-keeping was offered to the sole law student in the home. The academic sessions ended with the sharing of delightful snack boxes containing sandwiches, vegetable patties, and muffins. On 5th of February, 2023, a group counseling session was facilitated to help the young girls overcome their fears and anxiety related to exams.  To support Team SSM Mumbai in this initiative, please write to us at .