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Colorful Painting Session Follows Distribution of Monthly Dry Rations at Mathru Abhaya Foundation, Hyderabad

On 28th March 2023, members of Team SSM Hyderabad set off to meet the children sheltered at the Mathru Abhaya Foundation for a special painting workshop during the distribution of the monthly kit of dry rations. The team members first offered dry rations such as cooking oil, sugar, spices, groundnuts, and toiletries. After the children had taken their lunch, about 25 children from ages 4 to 14 participated in a spontaneous painting workshop facilitated by a team member. The children were simply delighted to use their brilliant watercolors and splashed them onto paper to create beautiful landscapes amidst excited chatter and joyous laughter. To support these bright youngsters and participate in the activities of Team SSM Hyderabad, please write to us at .

Monthly Annadaanam Seva Offered at Nimtala Ghat, Kolkata

Team SSM Kolkata offered monthly annadaanam seva on 26th March 2023 at the Nimtala Ghat on the banks of the River Hooghly near the famous Baba Bhootnath Dham temple which is 300 years old.  As devotees thronged the temple, the team members served hot khichadi  to about 400 daily wagers, pavement dwellers, and the less privileged living nearby. The refreshing ambiance and the gentle breeze from the River Hooghly brought much respite from the summer heat as the recipients savored the delicious, hot meal.  The team members expressed their gratitude for having experienced the joy of giving and sharing with the less privileged. To participate in the Annadaanam Kolkata initiative of Team SSM Kolkata, please write to us at .

Renovation of Love Care Centre for the Specially-Abled at Pallikaranai, Chennai

The Love Care Centre, a unit of the Parthasarathy Memorial Trust, in Pallikaranai, Chennai, houses 35 residents and 35 day scholars. Since the past three years Team SSM Chennai has been providing dry rations for the specially-abled children and adults at this centre established by Gomathi Jagadeesan, herself a specially-abled person. Recently, the team members received a request from the management to help repair and paint the centre. They helped purchase the raw materials required for the renovation which was duly completed. The inmates and the personnel at the centre were extremely happy and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Team SSM Chennai.  To support the seva initiatives of Team SSM Chennai, please write to us at .

Commemoration of Women Domestic Workers on International Women’s Day at Navi Mumbai

Team SSM Mumbai celebrated International Women's Day by honoring 60 women domestic workers in a special event organized at the Gajanan Maharaj Bhakta Samaj, Navi Mumbai on 11th March 2023. The women were very happy to learn simple pranayama , breathing techniques, and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help them relax and develop mental resilience. Sessions on the importance of child care and a nutritious diet emphasized the pivotal role of the women in their family. The team members concluded the event by offering a gift bag containing travel bags, steel plates, cups, glasses, snacks, and cool drinks. To join hands with Team SSM Mumbai and support our women domestic workers, please write to us at .

Holi Celebrated with Great Joy at ANIKET Sevabhavi Sanstha, Pune

Team SSM Pune celebrated the festival of Holi with the differently-abled children of ANIKET Sevabhavi Santha on 6th March 2023. The children first participated in the ritual of Holika Dahan . Some of the girls drew beautiful rangolis and filled them with vibrant colors. The children then sang and joyously danced around the bonfire. Their eyes sparkled with happiness as they received their all-time favorite snack of vada pav and sweet gulab jamuns soon after. The team members expressed their gratitude for having celebrated these festive moments with these wondrous children. To support the initiatives of Team SSM Pune and experience the joy of giving and sharing, please write to us at .

Holi Milan Ushers in Joyous Celebrations at Thirupada Labour Camp, Thane

Team SSM Mumbai organized a Holi Milan on 5th March 2023 for 65 children from the Thirupada Labour Camp at the Hiranandani Estate, Thane.  The celebrations started with a fun-filled race, an exhilarating game of kho-kho , and the traditional phugdee . The team members then adorned the faces of the children with bright Holi colors and shared delectable, sweet gujiyas and savory vada pav with them. Joyous shouts of 'Happy Holi' and laughter rang through the air as the celebrations drew to a close. To participate in such festive sevas and experience the joy of giving and sharing, please write to us at .