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Distribution of Clothes and School Bags to HIV/AIDS Affected Children at Desire Society, Mumbai

The Desire Society, established in 2004, has been promoting the well-being and health development of children affected by HIV/AIDS in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Vizag, and Noida. The children who are usually abandoned by one or both parents most of whom are sex workers or truck drivers face multiple challenges of disadvantaged socio-economic conditions; abuse; and a precarious health situation. In November 2021, Team SSM Mumbai had distributed educational material to the children at the Vashi center in Mumbai to celebrate Deepavali with them. This year too, on 17th September 2022, the team members collaborated with Unicare Emergency Equipment Pvt. Ltd. to provide school bags, T-shirts, and pants to the little ones who were overjoyed to receive these essential items. Games and fun activities with these precious children transformed this gesture into a truly extraordinary and heart-warming experience for all! What was even more endearing was the video that the team members received t

Ganesha Chaturthi Celebrated with Community of Slum Dwellers at Sai Baba Temple, Chembur

Team SSM Mumbai celebrated the auspicious festival of Ganesha Chaturthi with traditional fervor and great gusto with the community of slum dwellers residing near the Sai Baba Temple, Chembur on 3rd September 2022.   The community members had installed a majestic idol of Lord Ganesha in a beautifully decorated pandal near the temple on 31st August to mark the 10 days of festivities in honor of the god of beginnings, the remover of obstacles, and the lord of wisdom.   A special Ganesha aarati was conducted with a joint congregation of the community members and the SSM team members followed by the distribution of 100 meal trays to the faithful who had queued up for a glimpse of their favorite deity.   The simple yet nourishing meal of chole, pav, gulab jamuns, and pickle was followed up by sweet treats for the children: cream biscuits, bars of chocolate, and delectable modaks that are dearly loved by Lord Ganesha. On the following day, 4th September, the team members pitched in with p