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Distribution of Dry Rations and Essential Items at Tokipur Village, Taki Indo-Bangladesh Border, West Bengal

Team SSM Kolkata visited Tokipur village which is located near the Taki Indo-Bangladesh border on the 24th of April 2022 and interacted with the inhabitants who work there as farm laborers for a meager daily wage of 150 or 200 rupees.  Most of them are aged and ill. Some are bedridden and have no children to rely on and have to depend on their aging spouses. They have no other means to support their basic requirements of food, medicines, and education of their dependents. The dire lack of other livelihood opportunities and local municipal support have only worsened their situation through the COVID-19 pandemic. The team members distributed kits that comprised dry rations such as rice, semolina, broken wheat, pulses, sugar, and tea; and essential items such as clothes, bathing soaps, and clothes detergent. They also handed over cash to families which hardly have the wherewithal to buy vegetables and daily provisions.  Given the pitiable living conditions and lack of basic amenities, the

SSM Pune Celebrates Chaitra Navaratri at ANIKET Sevabhavi Sanstha

ANIKET Sevabhavi Sanstha is a home which nurtures 60 cognitively-impaired children who have been abandoned by their families.  Team SSM Pune has been associated with this organization since the past three years and has supported these special children through annadanam seva, provision of groceries, medical check-ups, distribution of clothes and essential items, and financial support towards the payment of the monthly electricity bill. On the 5th of April 2022, the third day of the Chaitra Navratri , the team members spent a fun-filled evening of yoga followed by dinner and the distribution of  stationery kits. The children learned how to imitate the postures of animals and trees with pictures as visual aids and the guidance of a team member, who is a graduate of the Teacher Training Course of the Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra, Madanapally.  Joyful laughter and enthusiastic cries marked this yoga session as the children performed asanas such as Marjariasana (Cat pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra

SSM Hyderabad Celebrates Ugadi at Mathru Abhaya Foundation

Mathru Abhaya Foundation, situated in Medipally in North-East Hyderabad, is an orphanage that houses 50 residents ranging in age from a tender 5 years to adolescents and young adults. The young boys and girls live in separate homes and receive food, shelter, education, and medical care. On the occasion of Ugadi , the Telugu New Year, members of Team SSM Hyderabad visited both the homes and shared a festive dinner with the residents. Watch video here. There was much excited chatter among the children and the youngsters as they waited to be served. Everyone,  including Giri the youngest, waited for the rest to be served before chanting the Sanskrit Shanti mantra that we hear Sri M recite often:  "Om Sahana Vavatu, Sahanau Bhunaktu...."  and then began their meal.  The traditional festival spread comprised hot rice, sambar , mixed vegetable rice, curry,   and curd. Piping hot bobbatlu, jaggery and lentil stuffed pancakes, and the ever-popular payasam completed this elaborate