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Supporting the Holistic Welfare of Young Citizens across Maharashtra

Team Satsang Seva Mission (SSM), Mumbai Kendra has endeavored to support our young citizens in Maharashtra by providing learning that goes beyond their academic curricula in a safe learning environment.  The youngsters at the Angel's Nest Orphanage, Marol participated in their first-ever yoga workshop on 28 th April 2023. The facilitator, an experienced yoga instructor from the Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra (BYVK), introduced the beauty and benefits of yoga through a fun-filled session comprising warm-up exercises, and standing and sitting asanas. Overcoming their initial inhibitions, the twelve sprightly youngsters participated wholeheartedly and simply loved the session!  Meanwhile, another group of SSM members was informed that a municipal school in Goregaon, Mumbai required pest control on their premises urgently. Immediate crowd-funding helped the members implement pest control measures on the entire school on 29 th April 2023, thus, ensuring a safe learning environment for the s