Weekly annadaanam seva at Bengaluru supports nutritional requirements of various communities

Volunteers and members of Team SSM Bengaluru continue to support the nutritional requirements of different groups of recipients through the weekly annadaanam seva.

Since the past 5 years, the team members have provided monthly rations to sustain the young boys and senior citizens sheltered at the Vallabh Niketan Ashram. Milk is served every morning to the growing adolescents and their elders. On Sundays, a hearty breakfast comprising South Indian dishes such as idlis, dosas, vadas, traditional sweets, and fruits brings together under the canopy of the ancient trees in the Ashram.

At Lakshmipura, Gavipuram the team members have collaborated with Adamya Chetana since November 2022, to support the local community of daily wagers and pavement dwellers by offering a filling lunch comprising rice, sambar, buttermilk or curd, and a dessert every Sunday. Offered with reverence and gratitude, these nutritious meals have become the mainstay of this oft-neglected community.

To participate in the Satsang Seva Mission and experience the joy of giving and sharing, please write to us at connect@satsang-foundation.org.