The Dawn of the New Year Celebrated with Annadaanam Seva at Mathru Abhaya Foundation, Hyderabad

The New Year was ushered in with great happiness and cheer for both the children of Mathru Abhaya Foundation and the members of Team SSM Hyderabad.

The dawn of the New Year, 1st January 2023, was celebrated with a special annadaanam seva offered to the 75 children and staff of this orphanage with which the team members have been associated for the past one year.

The children were seated in small groups on large mats in an open ground in the vicinity of the home for boys as a sumptuous lunch of puris, chole, vegetable pulao, vegetable manchurian, raita, and gulab jamuns was served lovingly to the children by the team members.


With great discipline, they waited patiently for their caregiver to arrive and then began the meal with the chanting of the Shanti Mantra 'Om Sahana Vavatu…' invoking peace on all and blessing their anna daata.

Watch the video here.

The excited and overjoyed children expressed their appreciation of the dishes that they liked the most and completely relished the meal.

Watch the video here.

The team members shared the meal with these precious children and bid them a fond farewell with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and affection and warm wishes for a wonderful new year ahead.

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