Seva Utsav 2022: Residents of Vallabh Niketan Ashram Offer Loving Wishes on Founder’s Day, Bengaluru

On the occasion of Sri M's birthday, 6th November 2002, the children and senior citizens of Vallabh Niketan Ashram, Bengaluru received a filling Sunday special breakfast and a sumptuous lunch.



Hot, steaming idlis, vadas, sambar, chutney, sweet kesari and apples were offered to the residents in the morning as they started with a prayer of thanksgiving.



Lunch included vegetable pulao, raita, vegetable kurma, rice, sambar, masala vada, papad, and sweet holige.



The residents, staff, and committee members of the Ashram expressed loving birthday wishes to Sri M and heartfelt gratitude to The Satsang Foundation (TSF) team.