Seva Utsav 2022: Madanapalle Campus and The Sacred Grove Join Hands in Joyous Celebrations

As the sun began reddening the Eastern skies on November 6th, Madanapalle and The Sacred Grove Campus residents woke up with a nip in the air, a spring in their step and warmth in their hearts to celebrate Sri M's 73rd birth anniversary.


The first sphere of activity was in the Satsang Swaasthya Kendra (SSK), where a parcel of non-prescription drugs for cold, cough, aches and pains, flu and fortification was sent for a day long health camp to be held in the Wellness Centre of Sacred Grove in neighbouring Chowdepalle village.


SSK itself, which caters to the health care needs of the lesser privileged from surrounding rural communities, was planning a shift of locale from its old premises to a temporary home adjoining the campus on this auspicious day till its permanent residence was completed in the fast upcoming Swaasthya Hospital.  A small ceremony and distribution of sweets marked the intimate occasion. Later, construction workers at the Swasthya hospital were fed hot masala vadas and a local sweet Madata Kaja as part of the celebrations.

From there the focus shifted to the warmth of the kitchen where a delicious meal of vegetable pulao, masala vadas, potato and peas, rice and dal, rasam and buttermilk was served, rounded off with sweet paan, Mysore pak, and bananas. All kitchen, cleaning, maintenance, and security staff joined guests and residents in the dining hall for this celebratory meal.


In Chowdepalle meanwhile, sweet laddoos and payasam were served to all residents and workers as well as villagers visiting the primarily Ayurvedic health camp to mark the occasion. Men and women streamed in for the free camp from morning to late evening, with the young, in-house doctor managing to do health check-ups for at least 43 patients, while providing medicines to many others. Residents, workers and even in-house patients pitched in to manage the workload. Parallelly, visitors, therapists, workers and residents joined hands to plant a number of trees, including Sita Ashoka, Adukha Vrikhsa and Kachnar on campus.