Team SSM Mumbai Celebrates Deepavali at Ganeshpuri Ashram Shelter for the Homeless

Ganeshpuri, situated about 60 kms from Mumbai airport, is renowned for the temple of Swami Nityananda, a great avadhuta who touched the life of innumerable devotees.



Since August 2022, an SSM team member has been providing dry rations and daily lunch to a group of 25 children and senior citizens staying at a shelter near the temple. Abandoned by their families, this neglected group seeks alms or depends on the generosity of devotees who donate food or clothing during festive occasions. 



For the first time in years, the Festival of Lights brought some moments of cheer to the inmates. On 23rd October 2022, the eve of Deepavali, they performed an aarati in honor of Swami Nityananda. The children were particularly delighted to receive sweets and fire crackers. Loud chants of 'Happy Diwali' rang out as they rushed out to the street and lit the fire crackers together with great joy! 



Watch the video here.


The following morning, the elders and children received a filling breakfast of vada pav and sweets. 


Watch the video here.


Deprived of food, clothing, hygienic living quarters, and medical care, the group is struggling to survive. 


To support and sustain the basic requirements of these inmates, please write to