Monthly Annadaanam Seva Offered to The Homeless at Kalighat Kali Temple, Kolkata

Kalighat, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Kolkata, houses the ancient and legendary Kali Temple that attracts devotees across India. Always bustling with activity and densely populated, this locality also shelters some of the most impoverished citizens in the City of Joy: the homeless, living on the pavements in the vicinity of the Kalighat Kali Temple. Often depending on alms or odd jobs to eke out a living, they face crushing challenges just to survive another day.



On Sunday, 23rd October 2022, Team SSM Kolkata reached out to this marginalized community by offering them their monthly annadaanam seva

Hot, freshly-prepared vegetable khichadi provided by ISKCON was served to over 350 people with much compassion and gratitude.



Tears of appreciation rolled down the cheeks of an elderly recipient as the youngest team member, a six-year-old girl, served her with loving kindness and care. The little child's enthusiasm and empathy touched the hearts of recipients and team members alike.


Help Team SSM Kolkata to serve many more Nara Narayanas through the Annadaanam Kolkata initiative and experience the joy of giving and sharing!


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