Weekend Annadaanam Sevas Usher in Comfort and Well-Being at Bengaluru

Team SSM Bengaluru began its weekend annadaanam sevas on Saturday, 21st August 2022 with the distribution of 200 boxes of vegetable pulao for the caregivers of patients at the St. John's Hospital. 

The team members received the meal boxes from Adamya Chetana Foundation, a voluntary organization that supports the less privileged through the provision of mid-day meals.

As the trolley carrying the meal boxes rolled through the corridors of the pediatric and general wards, several caregivers, particularly those who hail from far-flung villages and towns, found much  comfort in the simple meal while they tended to the well-being of their ailing loved ones.

This spirit of comfort and well-being colored the Sunday special breakfast on 22nd August 2022 at the Vallabh Niketan Ashram. The young inmates are provided with a sumptuous yet nourishing breakfast every Sunday morning to meet their nutritional requirements and pave the way for greater unfolding through healthy bodies and minds.

They received generous helpings of idlis, vadas, chutney, sambar, and sweet kesari from the team members. This special meal is always filled with cheer and enthusiasm for it presents an opportunity for both the recipients and the givers to bask in the warm glow of friendship and loving kindness as they share their meal and converse animatedly.

These weekly sevas have continued with the unrelenting support of donors and volunteers alike. However, Team SSM Bengaluru requires more hands on board to sustain these weekly commitments and expand the scope of the sevas

Please reach out to connect@satsang-foundation.org and become an integral part of our team in Namma Bengaluru!