Annadaanam Seva Offered to Caregivers of Patients at Chittaranjan Hospitals, Hazra

Team SSM Kolkata launched its 'Annadaanam Kolkata' seva on 21st August 2022 for the caregivers of patients at the Chittaranjan Seva Sadan and Shishu Sadan Hospital and the Chittaranjan National Institute of Cancer at Hazra, Kolkata.



The team members sourced freshly prepared, hot vegetable khichadi from the catering unit of the ISKCON given its excellent quality and taste. They served large spoons of this nourishing meal into meal boxes and offered them to the caretakers of patients outside the pediatric hospital and the cancer institute.


More than 200 meal boxes wound their way into the grateful hands of the caregivers whose sweet smiles of relief enthused the team members to extend this humble seva to several others who long for a simple meal to rejuvenate themselves while they care relentlessly for their loved ones in hospital.

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