Week 28 of Blessed Langar Seva at Malad Gurudwara, Mumbai

Saturday, 23 July 2002 witnessed the 28th week of blessed langar seva organized at the Malad Gurudwara.

Team SSM Mumbai served a nourishing meal of pulao, chole, pickle, and gulab jamuns to 80 hungry souls.

During the pangat or congregation, the team members welcome their guests, chant the name of Waheguru, the Wondrous Enlightener, and bow down reverentially as they serve them.

Grace and gratitude flow endlessly as the recipients hold up their plates with both hands and express their relief at having had their first meal of the day.


For the team members this experience is always humbling as they see themselves in their less privileged brethren.

Join us in our weekly langar seva and experience the bliss of selfless giving. Contact us at connect@satsang-foundation.org.