Provision of Monthly Dry Rations to Mathru Abhaya Foundation, Hyderabad

The Mathru Abhaya Foundation houses 55 young boys and girls in separate homes and provides them food, shelter, medical care, and education. Constant support and assistance are therefore required throughout the year.

As part of its monthly commitment to this orphanage, Team SSM Hyderabad supplied some of its larger grocery needs for the month of August.

The team members handed over 150 kgs of rice, 15 litres of cooking oil, and 2 kgs of pepper on Saturday, 30th July 2022 to  Mr. Ramesh, the founder of the orphanage and a few young residents at the home for girls.

Their faces lit up with huge smiles when Mr. Ramesh graciously accepted a couple of large packets of potato chips, a little token gift from one of the team members, along with the grocery items.

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