Annadaanam Seva to Caregivers of Patients at St. John’s Hospital, Bengaluru

Since October 3, 2021 Team SSM Bengaluru has been serving fresh meals to the caregivers of patients on every alternate Sunday at the St. John's Hospital. The meals are prepared and packed into food grade boxes by Adamya Chetana Foundation, a voluntary organization that supports the less privileged.

On Sunday, 24 July 2022, the team members welcomed yet another consignment of 200 boxes filled with a nutritious meal of tomato rice. They placed the boxes on a large trolley and wound their way through the serpentine maze of the out-patient department building to stop at the pediatric, psychiatric, pre-operative, post-operative, neonatal, and general wards.

They lovingly handed out the meal boxes to the caregivers seated in the aisles and to those in the wards keeping a close vigil over their beloved children and family members. 

It was truly a heart-rending and humbling experience as these beleaguered caregivers accepted the meal boxes with warm smiles and a sweet 'thank you' in spite of their challenging circumstances.

"Anna daata devo bhava," exclaimed one such caregiver.

The team members merely bowed down in all humility before them.

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