Weekly Distribution of Buttermilk Continues at Hyderabad

Team SSM Hyderabad began another round of buttermilk distribution on Saturday, the 14th of May 2022 on the premises of a temple at West Marredpally.

This time the buttermilk was lovingly churned out by an all-women's team of family members spanning three generations: a mother, her two daughters, and her granddaughter! 

They first offered the buttermilk to the flower sellers and those seated at the entrance to the temple seeking kind benefactors. They then poured out the buttermilk to the devout who had turned up at the temple.

About 80 people quenched their parched throats with the perfectly combined mix of fresh curd, mild spices, and cooled water. 

They expressed their gratitude to the team members with wide smiles of relief.


To participate in such seasonal sevas, click https://satsangsevamission.org/contribute.