Residents of Tokipur Village at Taki Indo-Bangladesh Border Receive Aid

Following an initial visit to the border village of Tokipur during April 2022, Team SSM Kolkata has initiated several sevas in May 2022 to support a few inhabitants of this impoverished hamlet.

Ramen Ghosh, aged 78 years, had been suffering from cataract and had nearly lost his eyesight for want of medical help. The team members were able to facilitate his travel expenses and support his treatment over the course of multiple consultations at the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Kolkata. 

Since April 2022, Debabrata Das and Saubhagya Das, two bright youngsters from Tokipur had received aid for their books and tuition fees. One of the team members had also offered them online English support classes. The intention was to eventually bring them to Kolkata after their 12th Grade exams and help them to become financially independent.

On 6th May 2022, the team members secured their admission for the basic computer course at the Moulali Youth Computer Training Center which is one of the best government institutes in Kolkata. The team members also arranged for part-time jobs for both these youngsters at the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet at Behala, Kolkata. Finally, they provided accommodation for them with the basic dry rations, utensils, gas stove, mattresses, a pedestal fan, and other essential items. 

The team members have also extended their commitment to Shikha Ghosh, a single mother, who was struggling to raise her young daughter. Abandoned by her husband for having delivered a girl baby 12 years ago, she works at the local hospital for a meager 13 rupees an hour to sort out and discard used syringes. Her pathetic living conditions prompted the team members to immediately provide dry rations, clothes, and stationery items.

The team members have adopted three families that had been struggling to eke out a living at Tokipur. They ensure that these families receive their weekly provision of vegetables and monthly provision of dry rations.

The sevas continue relentlessly with sincerity and dedication.

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