Annadaanam Seva for the Homeless at Yamuna Pushtha, Delhi-NCR

Swami Vivekananda once said:

Don't go and preach religion to a hungry man. Feed him first. His religion right now is food.

With this exhortation in mind, Team SSM Delhi offered annadaanam seva to 1500 homeless people at Yamuna Pushtha on Sunday, 29 May 2022. 

The seva began with a Guru Puja to seek the blessings of the masters. Then the volunteers of The Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra (BYVK) divided the large group of people into smaller groups and taught them a few simple techniques of Pranayama.

The SSM team members then served a freshly cooked meal to the congregation.

As the seva drew to a close, the happy faces of those who had just partaken of this meal brought much satisfaction to the team members. 

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