Valentine’s Day Special Celebration with Elders at Maa Kali Old Age Home, Kolkata

Love is a many-splendored thing that simply fills our hearts with untold joy!

The eve of Valentine's Day, the 13th of February, turned out to be a true testimony of universal love and fraternity for Team SSM Kolkata as they dedicated this occasion to the 30 elders and mentally challenged residents of Maa Kali Old Age Home located at Panch Sayer, South Kolkata.

The team members handed over a week's supply of dry rations comprising wheat flour, refined flour, semolina, lentils, sugar, oil, soya chunks, biscuits, and chyawanprash, a dietary supplement and immunity booster.

The residents of this safe haven accepted these essential items with a bemused disinterest as all eyes were glued to the team members who festooned their home with red balloons, played music, and set the stage for a euphoric celebration of love sans frontiers.

Watch the video here.

Merry singing and dancing to foot-stomping music with the team members and ecstatic applause followed. The residents then received chocolates with child-like joy and chatted with the team members like old childhood buddies.


These sweet gestures of friendship simply transported this experience to a dimension of unconditional love devoid of any material expectations. The residents received love, care, and compassion in abundance. Their eyes glistened with tears as they bid a fond farewell to the team members waiting to seal another day with the promise of another lively session filled with love and laughter.

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