SSM Delhi-NCR and Mathura Serve 3,000 Meals to the Hungry at Brij Bhoomi, Mathura

When the deadly second wave of COVID enforced another lockdown in May 2021, a member of the Satsang Seva Mission at Mathura and his family began preparing simple meals of roti, dal, vegetables, and rice, venturing out at night to serve 20 to 30 homeless people, unemployed daily wagers, some sadhus, and yet others struggling with various forms of addiction near his home.



As the number of people to be served grew, his extended family and friends pitched in to support his work to cater to the ever-increasing need for meals in the vicinity. 


Come November 2021 and the Annadanam and Seva week to celebrate Sri M's birthday on the 6th of the month, Team SSM Delhi-NCR decided to pitch in as well to cover the cost of serving 100 meals a day for 10 days every month for a whole year. They felt drawn to the Brij Bhumi that Sri M had traversed during the Walk of Hope in 2015-16 and where he had done a Bhagvat Saptah in November 2019. 



Till date Team SSM Delhi-NCR has provided 3,000 meals in a small roadside venue where people gather as they are now certain they will not have to sleep on an empty stomach.

The team members feel blessed to be able to offer annadanam at this sacred place with the able assistance of the Mathura team members.