SSM Delhi-NCR Spreads Warmth Amidst Freezing Cold Wave

As temperatures plummeted in Delhi and Omicron added to denizens' woes, Team SSM Delhi-NCR decided to ring in the new year with warmth and hope. On the first of January, the team distributed 300 blankets to care-takers of low income patients from all over the country seeking treatment at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).



Compelled to stay either on the footpath outside AIIMS or find basic accommodation at the AIIMS Vishram Sadan (Rest House), patients and their caretakers are exposed to the extreme weather conditions in the capital city in addition to dealing with their ailments. 

As the team members arrived outside the Vishram Sadan at 12 noon, they found people in wheelchairs; men with flimsy torn jackets; children who had bandages over their eyes; mothers with little ones; and old people stretching their hands out even as they brought out the blankets for distribution.



A hundred of these blankets had been purchased with the collections remaining from the amount collected for the Annadanam and Seva Week to celebrate Sri M's birthday on the 6th of November 2021. When the plan to distribute the blankets was announced, donors from TSF-Delhi NCR generously added to the amount enabling the team to add 200 more blankets to the tally.  


With humility in their hearts and keeping in mind  Sri M's New Year message to take care of less fortunate human beings, the SSM team completed the distribution within an hour. They went back with the hope that the year ahead would provide many more such opportunities to be of service.