Nutritious Fruits, Dry Fruits, and Milk Offered at Matrudevobhava Anadha Ashram in Hyderabad

Matrudevobhava Anadha Ashramam, situated at Nadergul in Western Hyderabad, is a shelter home and rehabilitation center for the destitute mentally-ill who wander the streets and have no recollection of their family members. They receive intensive health support and counseling so they may be reintegrated with their families and live a life of dignity.

Recently the manager of this home reached out to a member of Team SSM Hyderabad requesting help with daily provisions and nutritious food since their supplies had dwindled and about 36 of the 100 inmates had tested positive for COVID.

The team members immediately contributed towards the purchase of fresh fruits, dry fruits, and milk to help boost the immunity of the inmates and support the quick recovery of the COVID patients.

On the 26th of January 2022, the inmates received their first serving of juicy oranges and delicious bananas which they relished to their heart's content.

The team members expressed their gratitude to the manager for the opportunity to contribute towards the well-being of their dear brethren.