The Gift of Warmth - Distribution of Blankets at Hyderabad, Telangana

With the onset of a bitterly cold winter in Hyderabad, the members of the SSM team decided to distribute 60 warm blankets to the homeless and the needy.

On Saturday, the 4th of December 2021, they set out towards three locations: the Clock Tower, Secunderabad; Lower Tank Bund and Indira Park where the homeless and unemployed usually gather in the hope of a meal that is offered at the Goshala or at The Ramakrishna Ashram situated in the vicinity.

It was a humbling experience for the team members as they witnessed the dire need of their brethren. Some of the recipients scrambled to receive their cozy blankets and clamored for more. The team members were glad that they were able to provide this much-needed succor at the opportune moment. Yet the pain and suffering of the homeless was so palpable that they felt quite overwhelmed. 

The day ended on an introspective note as the team understood that the path to service is laden with innumerable challenges and that the only solution is to confront and surmount these challenges.