Distribution of Blankets in Borivali West, Mumbai

Team SSM Mumbai stepped out on Christmas eve, the 24th of December 2021, in the LIC/IC neighborhood in Borivali West, Mumbai with 15 blankets in hand in quest of the needy and less privileged who live there.



There were plenty of pavement dwellers, a small group of gypsies, and young girls selling Christmas wares. The team members identified and picked out the really needy ones and lovingly draped blankets on a couple of the pavement dwellers who were sleeping. 



One of them woke up and his eyes welled up with gratitude when he saw the blanket.



They handed out a few blankets to an elderly gypsy woman and a little boy who came forward and insisted on having one for his brother. The look of joy on his face was so endearing!



As they were leaving they gave the last two blankets to two young girls seated on the curb, their hands filled with Christmas wares. 



Their hearts were filled with gratitude as they promised to serve the needy in the days ahead.