Distribution of Blankets at Guru Gorakshanath Mandir, Navi Mumbai

"By serving somebody, you are actually doing nothing. The person whom you serve is giving you an opportunity to evolve. You are not giving anybody anything. If you don't, somebody else will provide. Nature's law is that they will receive it somehow. We should have this in mind when we serve people." - Sri M

As the winter chill turns harsh with each passing day, Team SSM Mumbai decided to  distribute blankets at the Guru Gorakshanath Mandir at Vahal, Navi Mumbai. 

The temple trust and other associations offer annadanam to the people of Vahal village every Thursday at this serene, verdant venue. During the annadanam seva on the 23 rd of December 2021, tokens were given to 125 families to receive their blankets.

The team members distributed the blankets along with biscuits and chocolates to the children who had accompanied their parents. 

The temple trustees appreciated this endeavor and expressed their gratitude to the team members for having supported the local community. The team members left the temple  filled with cherished memories of the smiles of the recipients and their innocent children.