Tiny Tots of Kumaria Village Gift SSM Mathura Bonanza of Love and Affection in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

The members of Team SSM Mathura were delighted by the bonanza of love and affection they received at  the primary school of Kumaria village in Mathura where they had gone laden with gift hampers and with Sri M's message of the oneness of humanity to mark Deepavali and Sri M's birthday, celebrated as Founder's Day on November 6th at The Satsang Foundation . 


"What a beautiful time we had today," the team remarked as they took in the exquisite clay idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha, flower rangolis, and colourful diyas  handmade by the children to welcome them. "The joy and happiness they generated was infectious," they said.  



The program started with the children repeating the oath for spreading peace and harmony that Sri M had generated when he undertook the "Walk of Hope", a padayatra traversing 7,500 kms across the country from Kanya Kumari to Kashmir for 15 months over 2015-'16.  The team then spoke to the children saying they were like little diyas themselves, dispelling darkness and spreading light. 



The children in turn were delighted to receive gift hampers of chocolates, chips, savouries, and a smiley ball that lit up their bright faces after a difficult pandemic period that had brought economic hardship to their parents who are primarily domestic workers, manual labourers, plumbers or employees in the sweet shops that abound in the vicinity. 


The 48 children then posed for pictures amid much happiness and hilarity while the Principal promised to hang a copy of the oath in her office.