SSM Kerala Celebrates Sri M's Birth Anniversary with Festive Meal for Young Girls at Lakshmibai Seva Sadan Balika Trust

Team Satsang Seva Mission Kerala served a delicious meal to the 59 young girls of the Lakshmibai Seva Sadan Balika Trust on Sri M's birth anniversary, the 6th of November, 2021, which is also celebrated as Founder's Day.


The Lakshmi Bai Seva Kendra, under the auspices of the Rugmini Smriti Trust seeks to empower destitute girls and transform them into strong women through education, vocational skills, and spiritual learning.


A typical Sadya, comprising of 12 to 14 dishes, was served as a single course meal. It was an inspiring experience for the SSM team members to engage with the children and members of the staff to participate in the seva.