Laddoos, Samosas, Khichadi, Blankets - Seva Fiesta for Sri M’s Birthday in Delhi-NCR

The day for the Delhi SSM Team started before dawn with a couple of members driving around the city beginning to experience the harsh nip of winter to distribute 25 blankets to pavement dwellers, auto rickshaw drivers, and street vendors even as they huddled and slept in the cold air. The smiles of gratitude and the comfortable stretching out for some who did not even notice that a blanket was spread over them in their deep sleep, were enough to warm the team's heart. 

For the 6th and 7th of November, at the Ramakrishna Mission, in the heart of the city, the team donated 100 kgs of rice, 50 kgs of lentils, 2 kgs of salt, and two kgs of oil for making hot khichadi that the ashram distributes to rickshaw pullers and slum dwellers every day. The steaming hot khichadi was distributed among 60 sadhus and 70 students at the ashram plus 150 slum dwellers and rickshaw pullers on both days. 

The evening saw the team stop by at a Dharamshala opposite the All India Institute of Medical Sciences to distribute a delicious Delhi-favourite snack of samosas and laddoos to 350 cancer and organ transplant patients and their caretakers, bringing a ray of sunshine amidst their careworn days. The day ended with gratitude for the opportunity of service and a prayer for those served on part of the Delhi-NCR team.