Founder’s Day Celebrations at Ramakrishna Vedanta Ashram in Kolkata

The Ramakrishna Vedanta Ashram in Vivekanandapur, Kolkata provides shelter to 45 young boys who have either been abandoned by their parents or lost them. 

The members of Team SSM Kolkata frequently visit and spend time with them. On one such visit in September 2021, the team was able to support them with the donation of bed linen, buckets, mugs, curtains, and a mixer grinder.

On the blessed occasion of Founder's Day, the 6th of November, the team members distributed warm blankets to the boys and spent some precious moments with them.

The young lads started the interactive session with a prayer to the Goddess Kali in the temple situated on the ashram premises. They then wholeheartedly took the Jal Sevak Pledge in Bengali. Through this pledge they committed themselves to the mindful usage and conservation of water, Mother Earth's most precious gift to all. They concluded the session with a sweet treat of yummy cupcakes and juicy oranges.

The innocence, sincerity, and diligence of these young inheritors of the future were truly heart-warming.

The team members bid them a fond farewell with the hope of sustaining and extending their support to them in the days ahead.