Festive Meal at Caring Hands in Pune, Maharashtra

Caring Hands provides shelter to children who belong to indigenous communities such as Paradhi, Bhilla, Laman, Dombari, Kaikadi, Ghisadi, Dhanagar, Vaidu, and Kolhati mostly from the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. Despite the aid of the government these communities continue to suffer at several levels: social, educational, and economic. This safe home at Pune ensures that these children are given the opportunity to surmount their basic challenges and move ahead in their lives with their heads held high.

Having planted about 200 trees on the premises of this home during the monsoon season, the members of Team SSM Pune had struck up a good rapport with the children and the staff. 

On the occasion of Sri M's birthday, the 6th of November, the team members  organized a festive meal for these children aged between 5 and 12 years. Most of the children had requested a meal of pav bhaji and were waiting eagerly to share their meal with them.

After this sumptuous meal, the team members offered the Marathi edition of Sri M’s autobiography to the secretary of Caring Hands, Mr. Ambadas Chavan, as a mark of appreciation for his selfless service and dedication towards the children under his care.