Distribution of Khichadi and Sweets to Daily Wagers at Dange Chowk, Pune

Dange Chowk, Pune is an area where daily wagers like construction workers and porters  gather and are picked up by the supervisors of construction sites. They belong to lower income groups and are completely dependent on these daily assignments to fulfil their basic requirements.

On the occasion of Sri M’s birthday, the members of Team SSM Pune distributed khichadi and laddoos to about 200 people. When they ran out of laddoos, they quickly arranged for bananas and handed them out to their hungry brethren. 

The recipients were so relieved as they tucked into a bowl of steaming hot khichadi. A young man in his 30s came up to the team members and narrated his woes to them of having arrived in Pune from Madhya Pradesh in search of a chef’s job and having struggled to eke out a full meal in the past three days. 

The team members were simply overwhelmed at his heart-rending account and hoped that they would continue to serve people like him. 

The recipients showed restraint and discipline as they stood in a queue to take their meal and disposed of their plates in a trash can without any instructions from anyone. It was indeed a lesson in humility and grace for all!