Annadanam at Sai Samithi Children's Home, Breakfast at Anandatheeram Home in Kollam, Kerala

'Service to humanity is service to God'.

This sagacious slogan of the Sri Sathya Sai Orphanage Trust coincided quite harmoniously with the intentions of the Satsang Seva Mission team in Kerala as it celebrated Founder's Day, the 6th of November, by offering Annadanam at the Sai Samithi Children's Home.

The team members also served breakfast to differently-abled children and adults at Anandatheeram Home which has 36 inmates of whom the youngest is 8 years old while the oldest is 52 years old. Most of the inmates are either orphans or have been abandoned by their families.

These divine meals shared with precious souls evoked much joy and devotion in the team members.