Supply of Masks and PPEs at Kottayam Medical College, Kerala

As the world faces the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, it has been our doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who have cemented their position as the foremost champions of humanity, saving us as we were staring at an existential crisis. 

The Satsang Seva Mission team stands in solidarity with all COVID-19 warriors and as a mark of gratitude our members visited Kottayam Medical College on August 12 with 7000 pairs of gloves and 50 PPE kits. 

It was really heartening to hear Dr. Jayakumar, superintendent MCH Kottayam, and a fellow Satsangi thanking Sri M and The Satsang Foundation Kerala for the help which he affirmed has played a crucial role in augmenting and strengthening the efforts of the Government of Kerala in combating the pandemic.

The Satsang Foundation Kerala team is ever grateful to the donors and volunteers who have made these support activities possible.

Watch the Video here