Distribution of Food to Municipal Workers and Family Members of Patients

"To feed a hungry mouth is equal to 10 days of tapasya." — Sri M

Annadaanam, the donation of food, is one of the favorite activities of the Satsang Seva Mission team in Hyderabad. 

On a bright, sunny afternoon of 25 August 2021, the team members set out in an endeavor to feed the needy by providing packed food packets of tamarind rice.

They handed food packets to our less fortunate brothers and sisters on the busy streets of the city; the entrances to temples; the gateways of hospitals; and construction sites.

A special mention goes out to our municipal workers who sweat it out to maintain our city's infrastructure and its cleanliness. Their faces were lit with smiles and filled with gratitude when they received this unexpected mid-day treat. 

Every drop counts in the making of an ocean; every hungry soul that is fed counts in making us more compassionate and selfless.