Educational Support for Bhanu Teja, Grade 9 Student in Hyderabad

When the pandemic struck, Satya Devi was swept away by its destructive wave, struggling to find sustainable employment. She is a single parent who has been trying to provide for the needs of her two children ever since her husband walked out on the family. After selling a plot of land that she had inherited in her village a few years ago, she somehow managed to supplement her meagre income and enable the education of her daughter and son thus far. 

Education is the beacon light of hope for a better future for parents like her who wish to ensure that their children escape the trap of poverty and aspire to a life of secure employment. It is with this singular purpose that Satya Devi has striven to prioritize her children's education over everything else. Her daughter is studying engineering and her son, Bhanu Teja, is now in the 9th Grade in a school located in Hyderabad. 

However, owing to the uncertainty of the past year and a half, her work of tailoring was proving to be unstable, making it difficult for her to meet the expenses of her family. Bhanu Teja's tuition fees seemed like a huge boulder that she was in despair of moving on her own. It was threatening to block his schooling. 

One of her close relatives reached out to a team member of the Satsang Seva Mission, Hyderabad. The team raised the amount of Rs, 40, 500/- on 4 July 2021 and remitted his annual fees which allowed Satya Devi to keep her son in school.

It has brought her immense relief and reprieve from the tension of protecting him from having to drop out of school. The ability to intervene positively at moments of deep anxiety in a family and provide much-needed succor has provided affirmation for all those involved that help is available; that no one is completely alone; and that we are all part of the same, larger human family.