Dry Rations for 20 COVID positive and 12 other residents of SPERDS Orphanage and Women’s Shelter, Medak, Telangana

At the height of the pandemic in May, 20 of the 32 women and girls resident at the Sri Padmavathi Educational Rural Development Society (SPERDS) in Medak, Telangana tested positive for COVID 19.

The institution, dedicated to empowering orphan girls and destitute women, ensures that they are provided an education and vocational skills till the age of 19. Their future is then secured through helping them obtain gainful employment and organising the weddings of those who so desire.

Mrs. Sujatha Majety, the caretaker of the institution, was struggling to fund both their food and medication given the precarious situation that prevailed and reached out to the SSM Hyderabad team for help. By this time the cook had also tested positive and meals had to be ordered from outside, increasing expenses.

On 4 May 2021, the team helped her fund the meals required on a daily basis and purchase a month's supply of dry rations comprising of rice, lentils, oil, and condiments.