Distribution of Dry Rations to Mathru Abhaya Foundation Orphanage in Hyderabad

Food supplies for 50 children aged between six and 16 years residing in the Mathru Abhaya Foundation Orphanage in Kamla Nagar, Medipalli on the outskirts of Hyderabad, were fast running out during the height of the devastating second wave of the COVID pandemic.

In sheer desperation, the orphanage staff reached out to a team member of the Satsang Seva Mission to help replenish its meagre supplies so that the children could at least have one square meal a day. 

The team helped them procure dry rations comprising of rice, lentils, oil, wheat flour, and condiments for two weeks in addition to some toiletries for the children on 3 May 2021 . 

The cheerful faces of the smiling children warmed the hearts of the SSM volunteers, brightening up the dark days that everyone was passing through.