300 Surgical Gowns, 6,000 Gloves and 1,000 N95 Masks for DDU Hospital in West Delhi


The Delhi-NCR SSM team was approached by the capital city’s largest tertiary care unit, the Deen Dayal Upadyhaya Hospital, when the pandemic was peaking to help them with supplies of disposable surgical gowns, latex gloves and N-95 masks for the use of their dedicated staff, working round the clock to deal with the influx of patients in COVID times.

Dr. Ripudaman Kaur Chawla, Head of Office of the hospital who is also the Assistant Medical Superintendent, requested the team to help supply Personal Protection Equipment for their doctors in the form of :

  • 300 Disposable Surgical Gowns

  • 6000 pieces of latex gloves

  • 1000 N-95 Masks

While the Delhi-NCR SSM team were able to source the gloves and good quality disposable surgical gowns at a competitive price in Delhi, help was requested from the Mumbai team to procure the N95 Masks that were not readily available in the capital. Of the 6,000 pieces of gloves, 2,000 came from a donor impressed with SSM work for the medical fraternity.The Mumbai team sourced the N95 masks for the hospital. All supplies were handed over to DDU hospital on Friday the 14 th of August and were received with thanks.