Birthday Cake Delights Young Orphans at Mathura Shishugrah in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

The Mathura Shishugrah buzzed with energy and delight as Team SSM walked in with a birthday cake and gift hampers for the little ones to celebrate Sri M's birthday on November 6, 2021.



The delighted children scrambled for a bird's eye view of the cake in the meeting hall and finished the first helping almost as soon as it was fed to them. For seconds they helped themselves with their little hands, smearing icing and cake crumbs over happy faces, resembling the baby Krishna pictures with his face smeared with butter in the orphanage.



The special goody bags filled with smiley balls,  chocolates, biscuits, potato chips, and savouries were another source of pure delight as they innocently informed the team what they would like as their next lot of gifts. The team spent an hour playing with the children and wished they could stay longer as the children did not wish to leave them.  Before leaving the team also met with and blessed the four new residents, the little babies, with the youngest being only 14 days old.